Emergency management

What are the aims of your emergency communication?
- You need to get clear and consistent messages to the public and media
- Your messages are a combined approach from difference agencies
- You need to see who said what and when they said it
- You have to report on all actions taken when communicating during an emergency
- Your key stakeholders need to know the most up to date and accurate information

Different agencies, same platform, clear accountability

Sharing a platform with a different agency doesn’t have to be a worry when it comes to accountability and offering varying levels of access. You can invite users from different agencies and ensure they only have access to what they need but still get a good overview of all the social media, internal communication and media responses in one place.
Even if you’ve never met in person, if you’re in different time zones, in an office, out on foot or in a vehicle, you can still see exactly what everyone is saying or doing.

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Ermegency management

Customer contact

Reduce call waiting times - and cost - by responding effectively through social. No need to worry about people saying ‘the wrong thing’. You can use pre-authorised responses, log all user activity and get post approval for your customer services team. Give them the power to respond to queries they know the answers to while you have a full 360 oversight of all communication on your digital channels.

Assignments make it easy for you to get the right answers from the right people with a full audit trail and response time reporting.

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Stakeholder management

Keep your stakeholders fully informed of an ongoing incident with an internal newsletter, or send out the latest media cuttings to make sure those who need to know how your organisation is being reported on.

With simple and effective reports across social and media you can ensure your stakeholders are easily informed and kept aware of all communications activity.

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Keep things simple and do more with less

All the tools you need for a simple yet effective approach to managing your communication throughout your teams

Combined inbox to manage social, assignments and media requests

Social dashboard for content management, engagement and capture

Create media cases, requests and internal communication

Manage internal and external contacts, newsletter templates and reports

Create and monitor news, blogs, discussions and broadcast media coverage

Schedule your posts, view your assignment deadlines and campaigns